Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ideal Ft. Cheyenne

This vinyl covered suitcase set was released by Ideal Toys sometime in the early 1970's. I had this as a kid and really enjoyed it. By time I got this set, I think our Marx Ft. Apache set had been retired. Ft. Cheyenne served as a great satellite outpost to my Jean Hoeffler Ft. Independence set (I'd love to get my hand on one of those sometime). I've been keeping my eye out for Ft. Cheyenne, but every one I've seen for sale has had the vacu-form teepees or the blockhouse caps all smashed up. I got this one on Ebay for what I consider a bargain price. It did not have all the poses of the red indians, but I'm very happy with it.

According to the Toy Soldier HQ, the figures are all copies of figures by other makers: "The 45mm figures were made in Hong Kong and were not original Ideal poses but rather 45mm copies of various British company figures. The Indians are copies of; Crescent, Lone Star and Britians poses, while the foot cavalry are copies of Britains Herald figures and the mounted cavalry copies of Timpo poses." The cavalry figures I got with this set are molded in a light, waxy gray color. I still have a couple of them left from childhood set that are flat, darker gray and look much nicer.

I set this up on my dining room table and snapped a few pictures for you to enjoy.


  1. Great pix - I used to have this when I was a kid - I'm 47 now. Looks liek its in very good shape. Mind if I ask how much you paid for it? I've been looking for one in good shape for some time now. I believe the red indians and the blue soldiers are fromt he original set but its been so long I could be wrong.

  2. I paid $27 for it. I'm not sure how much it usually goes for. I don't see it on ebay much, and when I do it is usually busted up.

    All the figures in these pics are from the original set, I remember them from when I had it. I also got a big pile of Tim-mee, Lido, etc cowboys and indians with this set.


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