Thursday, June 18, 2009

Plains Indians Warriors by Toy Soldiers of San Diego

Last week I received Toy Soldiers of San Diego's newest figure set: the Plains Indian Warriors.

War Party

I haven't been this happy with a toy soldier purchase for quite awhile. The figures are superlative in just about every way. They really tread that fine line I like: they are nicely detailed, but not so fancy you feel like you can only put them on a shelf and not touch them. If I had a sandbox, I wouldn't be afraid to put these guys in it.

The figures are cast in a nice light brown "buckskin" color. Their finish is flat, which I really like. They photograph a lot better than some of the more shiny figures on the market. The plastic is soft enough they are not too delicate, but they still hold their shape well (except for maybe the guy lunging with the spear).
This initial offering consists of twelve figures in six poses:


Toy Soldiers of San Diego promises another set of Indians in later this summer. Also a set of dismounted cavalry. All this will culminate in a "Custer's Last Stand" playset that I'm really looking forward to.

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