Saturday, June 26, 2010


I was visiting a friend and he showed me these neat but odd-looking pirate figures. I took a few quick snapshots on his front porch and posted a pic to the Yahoo Marx Playsets group. A member identified them as "copies of the original Fontanini pirates made by GPS Gavichi of Italy. GPS Gavichi were notorious for copying other companies products, apart from Fontanini they copied Marx and Elastolin." They are about 70mm in size.


Pirate w/Monkey

The above guy with his pet monkey seems to be everybody's favorite. It's a pain trying to get the detail with the cheesy translucent plastic.


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  1. Not only 'cheesy plastic' but red is very hard to photograph, check the tractor you did the other day! I have the same problem, using the 'macro' setting with side-lighting against a black velvet or matt background seems to help get the best definition...


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